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    • Samwha Thailand

    • About the Company
    • CEO photo Samwha Thailand was founded in 1997 as Samwha's manufacturing base in Southeast Asia. It is a part of the global network strategy of Samwha Group. It began by producing ferrite cores(1999) and high voltage capacitors(2000) and has supplied them to MWO makers around the world.

      In 2002, Samwha Thailand took a step further through establishing a sales force that will soon allow them to become a major market base in Southeast Asia.

      It also implemented ERP System in November 2002, establishing an infra-structure to share real-time management information between Samwha headquarters and its Affiliated Companies.

      Furthermore, Samwha THAILAND is playing a major role in its develop-ment in Thai-land, publicizing the image of Samwha, to ultimately become a leading company.
    • Information
      CEO Kim Seung-nam
      Employees 84
      Tel/Fax Thailand Plant:
      T.66-38-847571~3 / F.66-38-847575, 847616
      Address Thailand Plant: 66 MOO 4 T.Takai A.Mung Chachoengsao 24000. Thailand

      Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

      Disc Ceramic Capacitor


      EMI Filter

      Chip Component

      Shunt Power Capacitor

      Green-Cap (EDLC)

      Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

      Ferrite Core