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    • Qingdao Samwha Electronics

    • About the Company
    • CEO photo Qingdao Samwha Electronics is the first compound ferrite manufacturer in China with state-of-the-art technology and latest manufact-uring systems. It addresses today's needs for high functionality, complexity and miniaturiza-tion.
      We provide core electronics parts for TV, computer, telecommuni-cation devices, automobiles, lighting devices and LCDs.

      We are located in Qingdao - with a population of more than one hundred million - which is the center for Chinese manufacturing and logistics.
      Qingdao provides ample human resources and technology and is consi-dered to be one of the best business locations for producing high-quality, low-cost products with short delivery time. Qingdao Samwha Electronics is realizing optimal production environment through ERP implementation, Six Sigma values and ISO certification.

      As part of Samwha Global Network strategy, we will strive to become the "Global Leading Company" by strengthening our core competencies, closely serving our customers and adapting to the fast-paced business environment.

      We promise our customers a continuous investement into R&D and innovative technology in order to fulfill customer satisfcation for the 21st Century.
    • Information
      CEO Park Jun Su
      Employees 180
      Tel/Fax Qingdao Plant:
      T.86-532-8335-1333 / F.86-532-8436-0130
      Address Qingdao Plant:
      中國 山東省 靑島 平度市 白沙河街道办事处 三和路 3號 靑島三和電子有限公司
      (No.3 Sanhe Road, Baishahe Subdistrict Office, Pingdu, Qingdao QINGDAO SAMWHA ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD)

      Soft Ferrite Core

      Mn-Zn and Ni-Zn Cores for LCD / LED TV and Vehicle
      Toroidal & UU / SQ / SQE Cores for Line Filter
      Data Line Filter Cores for EMI Suppression
      E Shape Cores (EE / EER / EI etc.) for Industry
      RM / POT / EP Cores for Telecommunication
      EFD/EPC / Planar Cores for Low Profile