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      Affiliated Companies

    • PT. Samwha Indonesia

    • About the Company
    • CEO photo PT. SAMWHA INDONESIA, an Samwha Tecom Co.,Ltd. in-vested Indonesian Local Corporation as a global network strategy, has reinforced its’ leading position in manufac-turing the Wire Wound Component such as Transformers, Filters & SMD Inductors based on technological & regional experience acquired during last several decades with a well built quality-manufacturing environment which satisf-
      ying customers.

      As its’ leading position & reputation in the filed, the company has created infrastructure with its’ affiliations which enables to share technology & information enhancing the Quality, Lead-Time & Production system, and continue the effort to fulfill the high profit by adopting Management Innovation & Changes

      All the staff in PT. Samwha INDONESIA with a strong unity to each other us will keep up the customer’s needs & response the changes in the market based on the company’s geographical location in a center of ASEAN zone, and continuously step forward to become an Excellent Company of 21st century
    • Information
      CEO Choi, Kyung Hwa
      Employees 1,406
      Tel/Fax Indonesia Plant: T.62-264-828-6870 / F.62-264-828-6877
      Address Indonesia Plant: Cikananga RT 06/02, Cikumpay Campaka Purwakarta, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 41181

      SMD Power Inductor

      Switching Transformer

      Drive Transformer

      Linearity & Choke Coil

      Line Filter