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    • Samwha Poland

    • About the Company
    • CEO photo Samwha Poland is located on Poland (Wroclaw) the cen-ter of Middle-east Europe which growing up dramatically as a role of hub warehouse, we can respond about varie-ty needs of all of our customers at once.

      We are not only provide the products of Samwha group
      but also all kinds of electronic components through our global purchasing channels, and we have a spacious warehouse and ERP system that new built for innovative distribution management.

      We will concentrate on our core competence continuously for innovation SCM and enhancing local marketing to be the best hub distribution center in Middle-east Europe.
    • Information
      CEO Park Cha-byung
      Employees 88
      Tel/Fax T.48-71-733-7295~6 / F.48-71-733-7298
      Address Samwha Poland Sp. Z o.o. ul.Finska 2, Biskupice Podgorne 55-040 Kobierzyce

      All kind of electronic components