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    • CEO photo Samwha Capacitor Group is willing to take on all the possible opportunities in order to increase its foothold across the globe.

      India has steadily advanced in the economic sector over the last 30 years. Especially, it has been making rapid
      progress in the sectors of New & renewable Energy, Electronics, Telecom, Automotive, Infra, etc. Through these upcoming opportunities, Samwha Capacitor Group is moving together and obtaining opportunities and trying to lead the market.

      Samwha India will strive to create new product demands through attaining the competitiveness & green growth and become the cornerstone for SAMWHA Group’s penetration strategy for the India market in the 21st Century.
    • Information
      CEO Lee Chang-yong(Chris Lee)
      Employees 10

      NOIDA(Head Office):

      T.+91-120-4571-339 / F.+91-120-4282-488

      BANGALORE(Regional Office) :


      Noida Office:

      C-35, First Floor, Sector 2, Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201301, India

      Bangalore Office :

      Unit 422, South Block, Manipal Center, Dickenson Road, Bangalore, Kanartaka – 560042, India
      Products MLCC, DCC(MOV), Chip Bead/Inductor,Power Capacitor(HV & LV) & Capacitor Bank,DC Link Capacitor, AC Filter Capacitor, Battery/Hybrid Capacitor, Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor(Radial, Snap-in, Large and SMD type), Green Cap(EDLC-Super Capacitor), SMD Power Inductor, Formed Cathode Foil, Base Plate and Rubber Pad.