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      Affiliated Companies

    • Samwha Europe

    • About the Company
    • CEO photo Samwha Europe presents the entire product line-up of samhwa Capacitor Group, which is a leading electronic components company of Korea. It carries out marketing activities to provide the most adequate solution for the European customers' needs. Samwha Europe has rein-forced its customer service activities by cross-selling and
      package selling the products of each of the group subsidiaries, providing technology advice, communicating with customer on real-time basis, oper-ating distributors across the different regions, collecting/processing market information, and building customer complaint handling system.

      Samwha Capacitor Group products will be the best solution in the areas of automotive, medical equipment, industrial equipment as well as renewable energy (Wind power and PV). As a best solution provider, Samwha Europe will make its best effort to create customer satisfaction
    • Information
      CEO Park Kwang-hyun
      Employees 6?
      Tel/Fax T.49-69-9637-650 / F.49-69-9637-6565
      Address Samwha Europe GmbH, Lyoner st. 44-48, D-60528, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

      Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

      Polymer / Surface Mount / Miniature / Large

      Electric Double Layer Capacitor (Green Cap)

      Soft Ferrite Core

      Power / EMI Supression / Toroid / Telecommunication Core, Ferrite Absorber


      High voltage / High Capacitance

      DC-Link Capacitor

      Inductor & Bead

      Chip / Wound

      Aluminum Foil for Capacitor, Electrode for EDLC